Erin Mills Machine and Tools Works (EMM)

have been providing Machining, Fabrication, Assembly and Manufacturing Solutions for over 40 years.

EMM utilizes a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, the most sophisticated computer programming software including qualified programmers and a lifetime of machining experience to produce precision parts to meet your specifications.

Vast product knowledge & hands on experience

Trained engineers for both Pre-Sales and Post-Sales

Long term relationships with customers & manufacturers

Engineering & Quality

We are continually refining our processes and procedures to uphold quality, reduce lead times, maintain zero interruptions, and continually drive down costs for our world-wide customers.

Logistics & Delivery

Time is money. Whether you need MWD components on short notice, or on a regular monthly basis — you can’t afford to have delays hold up your schedule. Erin’s on-time delivery performance metric for all customers is best in the industry.

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